About Us

Crystal’s Village, Leading Manufacturers & Exporters of Crystals, Gemstones & Minerals.

Welcome to the world of Crystals , Gemstones and Minerals! Crystal’s Village is one of the INDIA’s  largest Manufacturers & supplier of Crystals, Gemstones, Minerals & Other Decorative Products. We have got recognized as the best new age products supplier of Rough Crystals & Minerals, Spheres, Pyramids, Wands, Bracelets & Pendulums, Trees, Agate Slices, Candle Holders, Tumbles, Orgonites, Carved Crystals, Gemstone Bowls & Many More Endless Creations….  

Why Us ?

  • One of the Largest Manufacturing of Crystals & Gemstone Products.
  • More than 35 years of Experience.
  • High Quality Rough Minerals & Gemstone Used to make products.
  • Latest & Advanced Machineries Used to make products very precisely.
  • Lowest Price & Quick Delivery.